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Form 105A - To be used for first time applicants

Form 105I - To be used by 100% service-connected disabled veterans OR veterans who are receiving compensation at the 100% unemployability level due to service-connected disabilities

Form 105G - To be completed along with Form 105A if you qualified for the homestead program on a previous property and moved to a new residence

Form 105(C) - (formerly the 2.5% Reduction Credit) To be completed by those who own and occupy their place of residence

Form 105E - To be completed by those qualifying for The Homestead Program due to 100% disability (must accompany form 105A)

Form 106B - To be completed if you were determined to be ineligible and would like to contest the decision

Owner Occupancy Verification Form - To be completed by officials in any county other than Hamilton in which you own property. Submit it with your Homestead application (Form 105A)

Must be used by owners receiving Homestead or Owner-Occupancy Credits in Hamilton County who no longer reside in the property as their primary residence


Beginning in 2017, and thereafter, applications will be available on-line for new applicants all year around. This change does not affect those who may qualify but may own a manufactured home. Since the manufactured home tax is paid currently, the filing period will remain the first Monday of January through the first Monday of June of each calendar year.

Effective March 2016, the General Assembly expanded the Homestead Reduction for Disabled Veterans to include those veterans with total service-connected disabilities AND to include veterans who are receiving compensation at the 100% level due to individual unemployability caused by service connected disabilities. Please read in the box below to know what is required.